“Fairwell and Adieu” by White Shark Gaming Studios

Today I received a package from White Shark Gaming Studio, a miscellaneous services – such as game accessories, game bases, resin and busts – company.

Package content is very rich and it includes a fantastic wooden box with magnetic closure (oh my God I love it!),

a good quality cylindrical plinth and the bust “Fairwell and Adieu“.




The box is beautiful and useful, it perfectly protects the piece and can also be used to carry a single piece.

Plinth quality is very good, however I don’t know if it’s included when purchasing the bust, as I won the package from an online contest.

Anyway, if you need one, you can purchase it at a very interesting price here. It’s made of heavy and nice resin.

The bust is composed of 2 parts: torso with head and the cap.




The subject is inspired by the character Quint, from the famous Spielberg’s “Jaws” movie.

The size is about at least 1:10, the head is large and this definitely allows a very detailed painting.

The skin is great, with wrinkles and textures, everything is very well-defined; the hair is a little rough, maybe the worst part of the

piece; the shirt and the cap have a realistic look.


The casting is pretty good on the body, with only one horizontal mold line visible on the chest, while the hat is quite dirty and

has to be heavily cleaned from a great resin block. This increases the risk of damage while removing the residues.



The resin quality is decent, it needs some cleaning work as usual.  The hat requires more cleaning due to the resin block at the bottom.




The subject is very characteristic and I think it can be suitable for a painting masterclass or to practice skin and different textures.

It allows multiple interpretation possibilities: it could be a baseball coach or a sailor, adding a tattoo on the neck, for example.

It’s hard to put this bust in a historical or fantasy category and it’s definitely a difficult subject, because

you have to add value to its face by finding something to make it captivating.


It might be interesting to find a story, maybe a sailor who’s leaving and is greeting the family.

You could paint it as if it was on a boat, with a reflection of sea light.

The shirt is an interesting part to paint a denim fabric and the hat can be painted by reproducing existing brands.


In conclusion I think it’s a very interesting piece for the contents of the package and its dimension.

The quality is good and the price is absolutely great. The only difficulty is to have the imagination to make it interesting, but

there are many good painters who can do it.


Bye and thank you for reading 🙂



"Fairwell and Adieu"

33 euro

Casting quality


Ease of assembly


Value for money



  • Wooden box is great
  • Great value for money
  • Nice sculpt and details


  • Difficult subject
  • Some parts are a bit rough

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