Unboxing Lady Mechanica from Kabuki Studio

This product that we are unboxing comes from a Kickstarter and is composed of two main miniatures and a lot of added gifts and addons, included in the offer.

Kabuki Studio presented a milestone for the company: the staff took one year to design this piece with all its variants and additions. This figure came in various scales and bust or full figure; they also have included technology inside the bigger scales: an electric schema with leds. A really particular and interesting development.

Boxart 35mm

Boxart 75mm

The figure is an android lady that is being released or being born from a metallic shell, something like a chick from an egg. She’s accompanied by her creator, Nikola Tesla, working on a steampunk console.

It was born from ideas and thoughts by Rodolfo Goglia, Kabuki Studio’s founder, drawed in artwork by Alessandro “Shin” Trombetta and digitally sculpted by Irek Zielinski.

I pledged for the 35mm version, that included a lot of  interesting add-ons at a small price. I’ve got Nikola Tesla with the console, always in 35mm, a wooden carry box for all the scene, a wooden plinth base and an extra 35mm miniature from Kabuki’s range.

This KS included some free rewards: extra pieces for her, a metallic label and a lot of prints and artworks.
All for 36€. A really great and rich deal!


The Lady is made of resin and composed by many pieces: a bust with a leg, a second leg folded, two separated arms and the head. This miniature is really little. It’s TOO little in this scale. It was designed in 3D with a lot of interesting details but, shrinking it to this scale, it ended with very tiny and fragile parts, limbs and pieces. I found a shoulder lamp broken and I broke a finger handling the arm. The lamp was glued back easily, but I had to replicate that micro finger from a needle of cutten plasticard. It’s not easy to handle a piece when it’s so little.

The shell is composed by a bigger whole piece, with four little gates and linking cables that need to be glued on.

Body parts and shell

Head is so little

Additional parts

The added parts consists in a different left arm, holding a mask, a new head without the mask, with a visible mechanical skull, and an alternative shell’s handle. Normal left arm is grabbing one of those little handles and the arm was sculpted as a whole part with it, so if you want to use this add on arm, you have to replace all these three parts. An interesting, horrific alternative!

Shell with plinth and label

Body and leg


Nikola Tesla

Tesla with arm, console and table legs

Her creator, Nikola Tesla, came in a single piece, with an arm separated, and a console with the 4 legs to mount. This piece is more simple to handle because it’s not so tiny as Lady is (she has a scheletrical body). The difficult part is on the head and bowtie, the most little part of this piece. At the end, I found not so difficult to paint him, unlike her, sligthly more challenging for the eyes to deal with the brush.

The casting of all the pieces is quite clean. There is some thin resin leak around the head and on the separate leg to clean but no molding lines. Tesla has a big resin bar under his feet. This could be difficult to cut and clean because of the fragility of his legs.

My conclusion is: a really beautiful detailed piece, allowing to create an interesting diorama, but Kabuki shouldn’t have reduced the scale so much. I think they should shrink it no more than 54mm to have a piece that all modelers can handle, instead of a crystal fragile micro resin piece.

Lady Mechanica

15 €








  • Value for money
  • Details and design
  • Diorama possibility


  • Scale too little
  • Fragile

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