Unboxing “La resistance” by Pedro Fernandez Works / Sago

It’s time for another unboxing, this time a historical model (or maybe with some fantasy influence if modified as a character of some videogame). “La resistance” is a 1/12 scale bust produced by Sago and sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, one of the most famous sculptors in our hobby. I bought this bust taking advantage of the Black Friday discount. What do I think? Let’s see.


The box is simply beautiful, rigid and with an attractive color. A red and black artwork, with the two white S and the symbol
of resistance above. The boxart is not present on the box but it is absolutely incredible.
We all love Pepa Saavedra and her technique and taste in color is simply top level.



Inside  the red is the main colour, with a ticket and with the illustration of the model, the signature of Pedro Fernandez and the limited number. There is a folded postcard with the history of the model, written by Pepe Gallardo and which gives the model a lot of depth and helps in the interpretation.

The story is on the Pedro Fernandez website and is really well written. We suggest you to check and read it.

Basically the concept is about a French infiltrator inside the enemy lines, camouflaging herself as German Officer. This is a smart idea for some reasons we will explain later.

The bust is made of a single piece so you have nothing to assemble.

The bust measures approximately 55 mm to the hat and represents a young woman in a Nazi uniform “Luftwaffe”.

Scale is 1/12 and as usual is suitable for nice detail work.


The figure is sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, one of the most active sculptors in our hobby. His work is recognizable by the face of the figure, that looks like all the other models sculpted by him (for example Fer model Joan of Arc, or Morgana by HEV, or the little faun by Origen art.).

This may please you, but you may not like it, because the faces are really very similar.

The face is very feminine, as usual, and has a somewhat wide jaw. Hair is very well defined and every part is clean and readable. The body wears a uniform, with shirt and tie, and it’s all very well detailed.


The cast is good. My product had a mold line on the right side and the side of the face needed some cleaning.

The body is perfect, every part is very resistant. Definitely a quality cast .

Nothing to say, it requires very low preparation work.


Good. A problem arises here. It’s a historical bust, quite realistic and well done. It’s a Nazi soldier.

Ok, the story says she’s a French infiltrate, but for those observing her, she’s a Nazi soldier …

If you’re a collector and you want to have it, it is definitely a good product. But for sure there will always be someone who won’t like the subject.

It’s your choice, you like it or  not.


The bust costs 35 euros + shipments and is a limited edition of 300 pieces. The price is ok for size and quality. The box in particular is really excellent so the care of details and background history.  Some doubts on sculpture (originality) and on the subject, but surely we are talking about an excellent product.

La Resistance









  • Awesome packaging and care on details.
  • Nice bust for didactic use.
  • Pedro's style is recognizable.


  • Face is a bit "more of the same" other Pedro's sculpts.
  • ... nazi soldier could be liked or not.

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