Unboxing “Canción en el bosque” by Spira Mirabilis

It’s on a pleasant and warm winter morning that I went to the post office to retrieve my parcel from Lucas Pina.

As soon as I arrived home, I prepared a hot cup of tea to enjoy the experience at its best!



Spira Mirabilis is the personal signature brand by Lucas Pina, a young spanish sculptor (if you don’t know him… where have you been living?). Spira Mirabilis only produces limited editions, so if you had no chance to get this piece it will be very difficult to retrieve it… maybe after a few months someone can decide to sell it. For this reason pay a lot of attention to buy only original pieces and not cheap recasts. Every piece comes with a serial number, so it’s easy to find out.

If you don’t have the money to afford an original work of art, then do not buy it. Producers need all of our support to maintain the hobby alive and to grant us high quality products.



You can follow the Spira Mirabilis Facebook Page to stay updated about Lucas’ works and when to order his wonderful pieces.

Lucas also works for other brands, so you can find some of his sculptures in regular production.


The small black carboard box was neatly wrapped in a pluriball sheet. As promised, the box is made of rigid carboard and has a very elegant sponge with a velvety black surface on the bottom. A golden Spira Mirabilis logo is carved on the lid.



Once we open the box we find a tiny postcard with a nice illustration of a nightingale and a small message from Lucas with the serial number of the piece. A very classy little touch!



The box is filled with paper chips to keep the sculptures nice and safe. These in particular have been much appreciated by Coco, my youngest kitty! 😀



The main body of the piece is formed by the two fauns and the little raccoon, one arm of the pipe-player and both arms of the mandolin player are in a separate small ziplock bag, so are the tiny horns.



On both foreheads there are two small holes to place the horns, and we can find holes on the forearms and the tummy to easily place the arms and the guitar.


The resin is flawless and smooth, the piece requires the minimum of cleaning-up the tiny cilinders of the molding holes and most the molding lines are very thin.


I love the concept inspired by fairy tales, it perfectly fits into Lucas’ sculpting style. The sculpture is charming and poetic, rich of little and funny details. The facial expression of both fauns and the little raccoon is amazing and the expressiveness of the hands is extraordinary.

Every piece of the production has been cared for to the last detail, from the concept, to the sculpture, the molding and the packaging.

The price is over the average (55€ + VAT + shipping cost), but you pay for the exclusiveness and the superior quality of customer experience.


What can I say? If you never had the chance to get one of Lucas’ works, it’s worth the financial effort to treat yourself every now and then and have the privilege to have one of these little works of art in your hands!



Canción en el bosque









  • Outstanding quality of the sculpture
  • Original concept
  • Exclusivity


  • Low number of pieces available
  • Price above average

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