“Toad King” by Aradia Miniatures

Today we are talking about a special product, a miniature I’ve been willing to purchase for years and did not because of its fame – almost an internet phenomenon – and I have never had the courage to paint my version. Let’s talk about the famous Aradia’sToad King.


Many versions of this piece have been painted by talented painters, so everyone knows this somject and knows how many possibilities exist.

Here some great versions of Toad King I really like:


Iguazzu awesome version.


Federico Moggio’s version.


Roman Lappat’s version.



From a concept by Stefano Moroni and a great sculpture by Allan Carrasco the toad king lives. Aradia Miniatures gives us a plastic box, with Mirko Cavalloni’s beautiful box art on the front of it. The sculpture is a 80mm scale, the figure is bulky, with big head and nice defined muscles on arms and legs.


5 parts miniature



Carrasco is famous for his humanoid creatures and this Toad King follows his idea. The figure is full of personality and the details are brilliant. His arms, legs, and huge belly add so much to his character. The expression is interesting because it is neither menacious nor friendly. The pose is static but elegant. The figure is balanced, as you can see from the photo standing in balance.



Great balance here.

Personally this is one of the best miniatures I’ve had and its fame is well deserved. I love Carrasco, in fact i own many of his pieces. I think Stefano Moroni and Aradia did a great work on this concept. The packaging is very simple but it protects the parts from the bumps. The figure is composed by main body, a lying arm and a hand holding a sickle. The crown is optional (great choice, because you can change the character, making it king or a fish hunter.) Also there is a skirt to cover his penis (literally).



The cast is acceptable, although there are some molding lines in bad positions. The resin is quite heavy to the touch. Anyway, we have to work to clean it.

I’ve seen products with a better molding.


many molding lines to clean…


Sickle need to be cleaned but take care not to break it.




The price is so-so. It’s a pretty big miniature but lesser than other Carrasco’s humanoid figures (that are bigger as they represent larger animals and cost just a little more). To be honest i think it’s a bit overpriced but man,  how beautiful it is.

This is an example of how much the beauty of a piece is worth a dirty cast and a bit high price.


Thank you for reading, now I’m gonna paint my fantastic Toad King!

Bye Bye


Toad King

30 Euro








  • Fantastic charisma and personality.
  • Sculpture is amazing with many different surfaces.
  • Really famous miniature so lot of references from big painters.


  • Cast is a bit dirty for the price.
  • not suitable for those who do not like toads.
  • Really famous miniature so everyone know it and needs great paintjob.

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