“Spartan Hero (with a spear)” by Rest Models

Resin 54 mm, Sculptor: NA

I came across this simple but fascinating figure on Ebay. The photo of the painted version and affordable
price convinced me to give it a go.

Rest Models is a Ukrainian company specialising in WWII subjects, with the odd ancient figure also on catalogue.

Model painted by Sergey Popovichenko

Sadly, the arms were missing in my copy, but I doubt it was due to the manufacturer, as I have asked
around and copies bought directly from Rest Models are all complete. While my copy will need some
creativity (or Frankenstein) on my side to be used, I can still offer an opinion on the figure.

The figure comes in seven grey resin components: head, shield, sheathed sword, spear, legs and torso in
one piece and (in complete kits) arms. No terrain base is included, which is a plus in my book, since this
reduces the price and everyone prefers to make their own. Assembly is pretty easy, due to the quality and
limited number of components and the straightforward pose.

Resin components… I guess where are my arms?

And now… the great news: no flash, no moulding lines and -get this- no casting blocks. My guess is that the
components are cleaned individually before being put in the packaging.

Said packaging is the sore spot, as the figure comes in a resealable plastic bag with no other protection than the flimsy cardboard wedge it is
contained in. As a consequence, the spear is broken. Hardly surprising, as the weapon is made entirely in
resin, shaft included, so better protection would be needed.

The box art shows the figure painted like a bronze statue, which could be an idea, as it suits the pose.
Resin is of good quality, with no holes, cracks or porous bits.
Sculpting is neat, the only notable flaw being a hardly visible scabbard belt. Instead, the anatomy is correct
and well defined, which is crucial in a figure like this.

Plastic bag and cardboard

This Spartan Hero lives up to both claims in his name. It is indeed very Spartan, not only -alas- in terms of
packaging, but also in its simplicity of gear. Our warrior comes equipped with a helm, a spear, a sword, a
shield, a muscular cuirass and… nothing else. (Please spare me giggles and gasps if you normally paint
“skyclad” ladies)

This combination of heavy weaponry and nudity is actually seen fairly often in ancient
Greek art, though it is of course hard to tell if it was an artistic convention or actually used on the
battlefield. The artistic approach is fitting here, as the figure in question is also quite the hero, right down
to the statuesque pose and defiant expression.

Possibilities for interpretations and conversions are remarkable, as the figure can be painted to represent
any Greek warrior of the time, lending itself particularly well to legendary and mythological heroes. The
Rest figure also seems compatible with 54 mm Tartar Greeks, in case you want to mix.

Manufacturer price is about € 18.00, so a highly reasonable price for this simple, but well-made figure.

Conclusion: if you are looking for a streamlined, yet original, Greek figure, or if you want something cheap
and simple to practice painting those daunting Hoplite shields, this is well worth buying.

Thanks for reading and stay Wild!


Spartan Hero (with a spear)

€ 18.00








  • Previously cleaned components.
  • Striking, original subject with many interpretations.
  • Extremely affordable price.


  • Poor packaging
  • No belt for the scabbard.
  • Sexist men and Facebook algorithms may not take kindly to the male nudity.

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