“Salamanca” by Aradia Miniatures

This unboxing is about the biggest miniature, counting whole figure, that I’ve bought and worked on.
It’s Salamanca by Aradia Miniatures, a 90mm witch, hovering over a cauldron, wielding a big “magic” tool: half flying broom and half scythe.
The look of this figure is heavily influenced by the manga style of drawing. Its pose is really dynamic, with a twisted body, wielding that schyte/broom. The figure stands over a cauldron that has bodies inside, trying to get out from that magic pool, with some sort of liquid that spits out, like a little wave.
The whole figure is full of details: the cauldron contains two half bodies and there are other bodies and skulls under it, that schyte/broom is huge and detailed, with a stuffed puppet hanging from it. There’s a teddy bear hooked on her belt, a leather saddlebag on her shoulder with a little shield, a parchment and a bottle hanging from it. She wears a cape and a an hat with a long tail and an intricated bracelet on an arm.
There are a lot of different materials to paint, from skin, to various kind of fabrics, leather, metals, wood, glass, paper, puppets and other tools. She is a magic creature so you can apply a lot of magical effects, colors and osl to give that mystical taste that she deserves.
The kit contains two heads, one as a young female manga-style and a second one representing a horrorific witch, similar to Grimhilde from “Snow White” fairy tale.

The Concept art is by Stefano Moroni, the Sculptor is George Georgy. The colourful Box art is painted by Alex Varela.

As written above, the scale is 90mm. The kit is composed by more than 15 pieces, all in high quality resin, well casted. All pieces are wrapped in plastic bags , inside a low quality cardboard box with a single image of the boxart printed on it. The packaging is a little poor… but the content is always more important than box, so it’s ok! Money saver box!

Despite of the high number of pieces, it’s not difficult to assemble the model and all the pieces fits well togheter, but there’s a big backflip issue to deal with: the cleaning phase!

Yes, this piece has a lot of resin to clean up! The casting quality is good, with little molding lines and minor resin flaws, but the real problem is to cut away all those resin blocks and sprues that hold the pieces togheter. As you can see from the photos, some blocks are bigger than the pieces that they hold, like the ones hanged with arms or the worse one on the hat. The piece molded with the hat tail is really difficult to cut, because it’s connected with more than half of the hat tail. When I cutted it, I broke also that part of the hat, and I had to rebuild and glue all the hat.

This is a common problem with Aradia pieces. They are all beautiful and well casted, but issues come out with those massive resin blocks that cause a lot of difficulties and breaks. I hate them!

(click on each photo to enlarge)
My conclusion is: a beautiful piece with lots of funny details with a horrible cleaning phase to deal with. It’s not so cheap so I expected more care during the casting phase.

Salamanca by Aradia Miniatures

70 €








  • Design
  • Details
  • Dynamism


  • Casting blocks
  • Price
  • Packaging

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