Review Patreon “Ben Komets is creating miniature art”

I subscribed a Patreon.

Well yes.

Generally, I like to see videos from famous painters. My idea is quite simple:  to improve yourself you need to learn from the best.

Clearly it’s not true, best painters have an natural talent but I find that you can often look how professional artists work and steal something you can use.

You can do workshops or simply follow step by steps. By the way Patreon is a simple channel to receive directly from the painter this kind of stuff.

There are so many choices, every day a patreon is born and so I can give you my opinion on a Patreon I’m following since the beginning of this year. I’ve chosen Ben Komets because I’ve seen some of his free video tutorials and I think they have a good quality.

We are talking about a very professional and recognizable painter for his style and painting ideas. Everyone knows him so no presentation is needed.

Let’s start with Patreon’s name:

“Creating miniature art”.

Beautiful, it gives you an elegant idea of what Ben will offer to you. Great start.

On the homepage we will see the gorgeous 3 Witches (sculpted by the absolutely brilliant Lucas Pina Penichet).

The option I chose is “The Collector” which is one of the basic ones. The cost is 10€/month (plus commission fees) and I have access to videos and pdf files that Ben uploads. It’s also the most popular choice of hundreds of followers and this is a good sign. I can only access to this option, so I cannot tell you if the others worth it or not.

It seemed to me a good choice even if it depends on the amount of content that is provided to you. Also, the topic might interest you or not.

It’s a great thing that once you get into Ben’s family, you have access to everything, even old stuff. I went to the beginning and started to look at the content available and I have to say that the material is really various and so are the chosen models. So the variety is great. Good try to please all kind of users by providing something interesting. There is no “historical” content, so it is more directed to fantasy lovers, and Ben is definitely a master of this category.

The first videos are shot directly from Ben’s workbench, where he interacts with people asking questions. It’s a kind of video that’s interesting because sometimes there are questions about topics that Ben would not deal directly with. The downside is that they are very long because there is no editing on these. Sometimes there are small pauses and all is going quite slow. But anyway, these were clearly experiments.

Going forward with the content we can notice that they are divided by “piece”. That is, we have a model and the content is divided according to the part that Ben wants to treat. Leather, skin, details, metals. Videos have a variable length. I found it easier to look at those less than 30 minutes long. Ben has a very gentle voice and speaks an absolutely understandable English. The audio is perfect and the music choices are pleasant. Video quality is high, zoom is great and always very clear.

While Ben’s painting, he gives you the palette and the miniature at the same time. This is really clear for the user. The only flaw I found is that after painting a detail, the editing resumes after Ben completes the rest of the parts. This is useful to save time but sometimes there are details completed that would require more explanation because they have a particular shape. Ben uses a tool that shows you the colour dilution used and I find this really useful for the beginners wishing to make the same steps as close as possible. I have never tried it but if you are interested you can find online feedbacks.

The pdf is easy to read and the images are always very clear. As it often happens colours are numbered and this is not always a convenient choice for people using different colour brands. By the way Ben gives you his palette.


Sometimes Ben makes a raffle to win the pieces painted during the Patreon and I think it’s a good idea. The only thing you need is a whole bunch of luck.

The painting quality is excellent. The demon of Tzeench entered Crystal Brush and other contests and won many prizes. I find this very remarkable because it demonstrates Ben’s commitment to what he does. In the end, I absolutely recommend this Patreon because it offers multiple contents, high quality, releases guaranty  and it’s very professional  at a reasonable price.

To be honest, a good level of skills is required to understand and reply all things made by master Ben.

Being able to access to all the old contents is a must have, even for just one month.



So we told you that we only checked out the quality of our option but…. we have precious information on how private coaching works.

At the moment Ben has at least 16 students who are learning directly from him each month.

We talk about 40 hours and this makes you understand how much Ben’s effort is.

He follows his students using Skype streaming and use images to correct errors, also using live photoshop sessions.

This sounds really good.

There are 2 options, 30 minutes lesson and 1 hour lesson (which is great, it’s basically a fast private coaching).

All is planned on an online calendar so he can organize the sessions and chats from 10am to 8pm.

Students join from all over the world and the really interesting thing is that also beginner skill level is allowed.

So well, just give it a try! 🙂



We had the luck to have a nice conversation with Ben, who announced what his followers are expecting next month and times to come.

Old skin, tatoos, sheer effect, osl, dioramas…. and so on.

He also gave us a fantastic preview of something really amazing

Really awesome stuff.


See you next month with another Patreon review, stay tuned!

Ben Komet is creating miniature art





  • High contents quality (video and audio)
  • Access to all contents
  • Nice explanations and easy to understand


  • Few new content during the summer
  • You need at least a medium skill level to enjoy techniques

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