“German Knight 14th Century” by Pegaso Models

German Knight 14th Century – Pegaso Models – Metal 54 mm

Sculptor: Andrea Jula

I came into possession of this figure as a result of a trade, along with other pieces.
It is a piece that combines some great pros with a couple of equally glaring flaws.

The sculpting is excellent -and it could have not been otherwise with Andrea Jula- the casting is also on a par with the high quality we have come to expect of Pegaso, with just the odd moulding line to be filed off when it comes to cleaning.
Assembly is pretty straightforward, due to the simple breakdown into ten components that fit snugly, with a little extra care required only when gluing on the besagewes (i.e. armpit guards).
My only issue is the spurs, or rather lack thereof, as the widespread practice of casting them separately has rendered yet again the two minuscule metal bits completely useless, as they were bent and, in one case, broken. I look forward to the day when spurs will be cast on, or at least come with the straps in a decent sprue, which would make them harder to break or lose and easier to glue in place.

The technical aspects covered, it is time to move to the artistic side. The figure is quite captivating, with its cleanshaven and relatively youthful face, wild mane and dashing chivalric pose. Moreover, the piece offers details like the necklace that make it huge fun to paint.

Boxart Painter: Davide “The Snake” Decina


Needless to say, the review of a historical subject would not be complete without considering the accuracy, which is the main flaw of this figure, because it is, quite frankly, very low. After spending several days perusing texts and finds and consulting far greater experts than Yours Truly, the closest to the figure I have found is a plate of a mid-14thcentury English knight on an Osprey volume,and it is a faint resemblance too.
Definitely nota German knight, despite the name on the box art. The only example of leather boots and gloves worn in armour is a period illustration from way earlier with a much lighter equipment consisting of chain mail only, not plate.
All the medieval fencing manuals I saw at The Victoria and Albert Museum and on numerous sources show the swordsmen training in full armour, to better simulate fighting conditions, so the info contained in the painting guide is not correct.

That being said, there is still much that can be done with this figure, starting with any Knight of the Round Table or similar “realistic” fantasy subjects. Greater caution should be had when painting it as a historical subject, especially if it could come under the scrutiny of jury members withy more than a passing interest in the Middle Ages, as it is virtually impossible to match with real historical figures.

Price is the usual for single 54 mm Pegaso figures on foot and could vary even considerably from retailer to retailer.

Conclusion: All in all, a nice -if inaccurate- figure if you are looking for something glamorous enough for a Camelot-style setting and that comes with the trademark Pegaso casting and sculpting quality.


German Knight 14th Century

€ 24,79








  • The customary high quality of Pegaso casting and intelligent breakdown into components making for an easy assembly.
  • Alluring pose and attire.


  • Considerable historical inaccuracies make it suitable only for fantasy figures and the vaguest of historical subjects.

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