7 good reasons not to follow this blog

Hello and welcome reader!

You’re probably thinking… wait… why introduce yourselves with this title? That’s very simple. We’re a group of fun-lovers and this is probably a less boring way to present ourselves.

Moreover this will be our phoolosophy while writing and producing the contents of our articles!



We promise you our contents will be fast-reading, entertaining and not too wordy, going direcly to the point without beating around the bush!


So, these are the 7 reasons not to follow this blog:


1. If you wish to continue buying a pig in a poke, without knowing the product quality: dont’ follow Wild Brushes! As our reviews will be extremely fair, without any compromises.


2. If you don’t wish to learn some quick and simple tips&tricks form the painter’s community: don’t follow Wild Brushes! We will provide a column with some speedy and simple advices from all the painters (more or less popular, everybody has something to teach!).


3. If you fear to read straight reviews of the workshops we will attend: don’t follow Wild Brushes! As previously written, we will give you always and only our honest advice.


4. If you don’t want to read outspoken reportages of the challenges: don’t follow Wild Brushes! Cause you’ll find positive and negative aspects about organization, results, costs and general management of the major modelling events.


5. If you don’t want to know the content quality of the Patreons by the most popular teachers: don’t follow Wild Brushes! We already follow some Patreons and we will test alternately multiple Patreons to give you an idea of the contents and prices.


6. If you don’t want to know how the figurine and scale modelling world is seen by “the pink side of the hobby”: don’t follow Wild Brushes! You’ll find here the official column from the ladies group La peinture en rose, who connects all the women in our hobby.


7. If you don’t wish to have a nice time with us: don’t follow Wild Brushes!


If you wish to collaborate with us, feel free to contact us at contact@wild-brushes.com and let us know what you’d like to write and… get ready to go Wild!