Aileen by Nocturna Models & Bust Support Pin

New Review! This time we’ll do an experiment.

I don’t know if it’ll work, you will tell me. We will make a review of a purchase, we’ll try all the products and will do a step by step painting.

Today we are talking about “Aileen”, new bust 1/10 of Nocturna Models “The Quest” range.

I bought the bust together with the pin through Bestsoldiershop, a specialized Italian company which sells the best miniatures on the market.

Their service was perfect, i received my order in 24 hours. Fantastic.

The box is a classic Nocturna box, sturdy and with a closing catch. Inside the parts are neatly packed and well protected. It’s similar to the one used by FER Miniatures and I think it’s a good choice.

The box art painted by Jesus Martin is truly magnificent, because it highlights the face and expression of the character.

Exceptional shades, perfect colors.


Nocturna models Aileen.


Bestsoldier’s pin.




The figure represents a woman (you can paint her young or mature) with adventurous clothes. Very sense of role play. In fact, looking at the clothing we are talking about a ranger, with the quiver behind his back. Perhaps you could also paint historic, maybe I should ask someone more experienced.


Aileen is made up of 3 parts, head, bust and quiver. The material is quite hard and the resin looks good. The hair and the face in particular are really beautiful, probably a pleasure to paint.


3 parts kit.


The focus of the piece is the  face and the way the pose is inclined can give great way for shading and using lots of atmosphere lights.

The quality of the details is excellent, the face has very soft features, the hair has movement and is well defined.

I’m probably falling in love with this girl. <3



Nice one.


Casting is good, apart from a horrible casting line behind the head. Above the head the resin is ruined and you have to use the sandpaper to flatten it.


Bad molding line.
Beautiful painted version by Musha miniatures



Bestsoldiers’ Pin


After cleaning the figure (using sandpaper and cutter to lift the molding line and clean the base) I used the Bestsoldiers pin for the first time. With my drill I made a hole on the plinth and under the miniature, the depth of the pin.

I inserted my bust and started to screw it around the pin. And the miniature is perfectly fixed! The material is hard and elegant, really an interesting product and so easy to use.


Bust pinned.




The price for the pin is 5 € and it may seem a bit high but let’s say that, if you want to make an elegant piece in all the details, it adds beauty and quality to your bust. A bad base will ruin your work and the difference between this pin and a nail is huge.

For any info you can contact Bestsoldier.

Aileen is sold at an absolutely interesting price (35 euro) because it has a fairly large size (almost a nutsplanet, little smaller) and the quality is very good. I bought it and i’m very satisfied.

I can not wait to paint it and I think I can do it after Monte San Savino Show.


Thank you for reading,


bye bye 🙂

Aileen by Nocturna Models

35 euro








  • Nice quality overall and suitable for didactic purposes.
  • Price is interesting.
  • Nice test for painting cloths and fabrics.


  • Difficult subject to enhance.
  • The hood is a bit flat.
  • Need a bit of cleaning and the head doesn't fits perfectly

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